New eBook | The Long Economic and Political Shadow of History, Volume 2. Africa and Asia

Monday, February 13, 2017

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The imprint of European colonisation is deep rooted and far-reaching. Discover how centuries of colonial rule have affected the development of countries across the globe. In this second volume of three, the authors explore the long-lasting effects of colonisation in the African continent, India and China.

The range of the topics covered is breath-taking, covering aspects such as:

  • The slave trades in Africa
  • The drawing of colonial borders in European capitals
  • The extent of direct and indirect rule in India
  • The use of bloody concessions in the DRC
  • Christian missionaries
  • Independence movements in Africa
  • Treaty ports in China

To reach these fascinating questions, a wealth of diverse sources is explored. Historical archives, anthropological maps and satellite images are combined with state of the art econometric techniques and theoretical models. The findings of this ambitious research agenda are novel, highlighting the shadow of history on the various aspects of the economy and politics. While there are many open issues and debates, one message is clear:

We are shaped by history - Martin Luther King Jr.

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