New eBook |The Long Economic and Political Shadow of History Volume I. A Global View

Monday, January 23, 2017

Society has been shaped by important events for the entirety of human history. Can politics and economics today be explained in events that happened as far back as colonisation, Medieval Times or the Neolithic Revolution? This e-book seeks to understand how historical milestones have contributed to the observed variation in contemporary economic and political development.

The authors discuss among others events such as:
•    The transplantation of political and legal institutions during colonisation
•    Slave trade and artificial borders in Africa
•    Direct and indirect colonial rule in India
•    The Enlightenment and Protestant Reformation impact in Europe
•    Nazi occupation, the holocaust and communism
•    Environmental factors and disasters
•    The origins of anti-Semitism, distrust and civics.

History is often treated as a standalone subject, but the authors summarize works that take a much-needed inter-disciplinary approach to research. In doing so, the chapters of this e-book help creating a more rounded and accurate assessment of history that complements works in other social sciences. This e-book is the first of three volumes; it first provides introductory chapters to the exciting new agenda on the shadow of history on contemporary development; it then focuses on important events, such as colonisation, that had global repercussions.

For more information, and to reach the authors of this e-book, please contact our Press Officer, Simran Bola

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