New Year's Honour for Carol Propper

Thursday, December 31, 2020


Many congratulations to Carol Propper, who has been made a Dame in the New Year's honours list.

Professor Propper, who has been a CEPR Fellow in the Public Economics Programme since 1998, holds a chair in Economics at Imperial College Business School. Her research has focused on how to improve the quality of healthcare and the link between economic circumstances and health. As one of the UK’s leading health economists, her work has shown that competition between hospitals improves the managerial quality in the NHS.  

Dame Carol’s current research examines the impact of CEOs in the NHS on hospital performance. Her work also addresses issues such as hospital waiting times, the challenges of centralised pay including nurses’ pay, the struggle to recruit and retain healthcare workers in hospitals in high cost areas such as London and the South East and the impact of recessions on long term health conditions.

Dame Carol has supported the economics community, and been a key voice on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the NHS, since the start of the crisis. Her recent papers have addressed a number of issues including the economic costs of lockdown, spending needs relating to healthcare and the coronavirus and the future of the NHS after the pandemic.

In her public life, Dame Carol has championed the need for greater diversity among the economics community. In her role as President of the Royal Economic Society, she inititated a recent report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies which showed that black economists are 64 percent less likely to work for Russell Group universities than their white peers.  In addition to her long-standing fellowship of CEPR, she is Deputy Editor of, and Fellow of the British Academy, the US National Academy of Medicine, and a member of President Macron of France’s expert commission on major economic challenges.

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