Policy Director

Charles WyploszThe Policy Director coordinates the policy-related work of the Programme Directors; seeks to identify policy issues to which existing CEPR research could be applied and appropriate occasions or circumstances for CEPR involvement in the policy debate; and considers where new research might make a valuable contribution to the policy debate and encourage CEPR initiatives which might lead to such research. The Policy Director works in parallel with CEPR's Research Director.

Charles Wyplosz is the Centre's Policy Director. Charles has been associated with CEPR for 30 years, as a Research Fellow, a Programme Director of the International Macroeconomics programme, and was one of the founding Managing Editors of Economic Policy. In addition to his academic research and two well-known textbooks, he is active in ongoing policy debates and policy advising. He is Professor of International Economics at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, where he is Director of the International Center for Money and Banking Studies (see http://graduateinstitute.ch/directory/_/people/wyplosz).

He has had an enormous input into European economic policy-making over recent decades, and CEPR is looking forward to increasing our dissemination activities and input into the policy debate under his guidance. In July 2017 Charles became CEPR’s Co-Chair of the Board of the journal Economic Policy