Sarah Smith Awarded OBE

Friday, June 10, 2022

The Jubilee birthday honours list was announced last week and included a well-deserved OBE for CEPR researcher Professor Sarah Smith, for services to economics and education.

Sarah is Professor of Economics at the University of Bristol  and a CEPR Fellow in the Public Economics programme. She has previously worked as an Economist at the IFS, as an Economic Adviser at HM Treasury, as Head of Regulatory Economics at the Financial Services Authority and as a Lecturer at the London School of Economics. She is also a former Royal Economics Society Council member and past Chair of the RES Women’s Committee.Her main research interests lie in the applied micro-economic analysis of public policy. Within this field, she has worked on the economics of not-for-profits and welfare reform. Her research has been published in the Economic Journal, the Journal of Public Economics, the American Economic Review and the Journal of Political Economy. She has also completed policy reports for, among others, HM Treasury, the Department for Education and Skills and the Charities Aid Foundation.

In particular, Sarah is Chair of Discover Economics, a Royal Economic Society campaign to increase diversity among economics students, which she co-founded as a result of studying the barriers to wider representation in economics.

In this week's VoxTalk podcast, Sarah talks to VoxEU's Tim Phillips about new research into the difference between male and female voices in economics.

You can find Discussion Papers by Sarah here, including:

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