The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is an independent body of senior academics who report annually to the Centre's Trustees on the activities of the Research Programmes. The Committee meets annually, and reviews, every two years, the activities of each Programme Area, as well as the Programme's future directions and strategy. The SAC is an advisory body, and plays an important role in the Centre's ongoing review of scientific excellence and policy relevance.

In evaluating Programme Areas, SAC takes into account:

  • the value added to the field by the programme and by CEPR more generally (where does it add value by doing what would not otherwise done?)
  • the effectiveness of the coordination/direction provided by the Programme Directors
  • the choice of research priorities (and how much these are supply or demand driven)
  • whether an effective system of quality control is in place

In preparing their SAC Report, the Programme Directors are provided with the following information by CEPR staff:

  • activities (conferences, workshops, public discussion meetings) held under the auspices of the programme area
  • Discussion Papers produced in the programme area and the journals in which they have been published subsequently
  • Research Fellows, Affiliates and Associates in the programme area, along with their dates of appointment and reappointment
  • meetings attended by each researcher
  • Discussion Papers submitted by each researcher

This information is also made available to the SAC.