Unifying the European Experience: Historical Lessons of Pan-European Development

The Economic History Initiative applied for a European Commission Research Training Network grant in early 2004. The application was successful, and was the first Training Network funded in economic history. ‘Unifying the European Experience: Historical Lessons of Pan-European Development’ (UEE) was launched in November 2004 and ran for four years. It brings together researchers to analyse the continent's economic development since the Middle Ages. The network collected pan-European data for two time-scales: the long run (i.e., the past 150 years), and the very long run (i.e., the past 1,000 years). The aim was to stimulate the use of up-to-date economic and historical techniques, both theoretical and econometric, to construct and analyse these data and provide accounts of European growth, European economic integration, European economic and social policies, and the changing nature of Europe's economic relationships with the rest of the world.