Papers - PE Symposium 2015

Thursday 14 May 2015


Session 1 (10.30 - 12.00)

Tax Farming Redux: Experimental Evidence on Performance Pay for Tax Collectors

Adnan Khan (LSE) joint with Asim I. Khwaja (Harvard) and Benjamin A. Olken (MIT)

Are The Neighbors Cheating? Evidence from a Social Norm Experiment on Property Taxes in Peru

Lucia del Carpio (INSEAD)


Session 2 (13.00 - 14.30)

Informal Labor and the Efficiency Cost of Social Programs: Evidence from 15 Years of Unemployment Insurance in Brazil

François Gerard (Columbia) joint with Gustavo Gonzaga (PUC–Rio)

Consumers as Tax Auditors

Joanna Naritomi (LSE)


Session 3 (15.00 - 16.30)

The Determinants and Consequences of Bureaucrat Effectiveness: Evidence from the Indian Administrative Service

Robin Burgess (LSE and CEPR) joint with Marianne Bertrand (Chicago Booth and CEPR) and Guo Xu (LSE)

Nation-Building Through Compulsory Schooling During the Age of Mass Migration

Imran Rasul (UCL and CEPR) joint with Oriana Bandiera (LSE and CEPR). Myra Mohnen (UCL), Martina Viarengo (Graduate Institute, Geneva)


Keynote Address (17.00 - 18.00)

How Elastic are Preferences for Redistribution? Evidence from Randomized Survey Experiments

Emmanuel Saez (UC Berkeley) joint with Ilyana Kuziemko (Princeton), Michael I. Norton (HBS) and Stefanie Stantcheva (Harvard and CEPR)


Friday 15 May 2015


Session 4 (09.00 - 10.30)

Leverage and Intertemporal Substitution: A Micro-Macro Approach Using Mortgage Interest Notches

Ethan Ilzetzki (LSE) joint with Michael Best (Stanford and CEPR), James Cloyne (Bank of England), and Henrik Kleven (LSE and CEPR)

Distributional National Accounts: Methods and Estimates for the United States, 1913-2013

Gabriel Zucman (LSE and CEPR) joint with Thomas Piketty (PSE and CEPR) and Emmanuel Saez (UC Berkeley)


Session 5 (11.00 - 12.30)

On The Origins of Gender Human Capital Gaps: Short and Long Term Consequences of Teachers’ Stereotypical Biases

Victor Lavy (Hebrew University, University of Warwick and CEPR) joint with Edith Sand (Bank of Israel)

Distributional Consequences of Parental Wealth and Bequest: Empirical Evidence from Danish Wealth Records

Claus Thustrup Kreiner (University of Copenhagen and CEPR) joint with Wojciech Kopczuk (Columbia University and CEPR) and Simon Halphen Boserup (University of Copenhagen)  


Session 6 (13.30 - 15.00)

Optimal Income Taxation under Unemployment: A Sufficient Statistics Approach

Johannes Schmieder (Boston University) joint with Kory Kroft (University of Toronto), Kavan Kucko (Boston University) and Etienne Lehmann (University Pantheon-Assas Paris II)

What Does a Deductible Do? The Impact of Cost-Sharing on Health Care Prices, Quantities, and Spending Dynamics

Jonathan Kolstad (University of Pennsylvania) joint with Zarek C. Brot-Goldberg (UC Berkeley), Amitabh Chandra (Harvard) and Benjamin R. Handel (UC Berkeley)