CEPR-CIFRA Workshop: Micro Foundations for Macro Finance

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CEPR-CIFRA Workshop: Micro Foundations for Macro Finance

8 - 9 June 2013; Amsterdam



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This is a focused workshop on better micro foundations for macro finance research. The aim is to brainstorm on methodological issues. A maximum of 15 researchers from both the US and Europe will attend.

We do not wish to have individual paper presentations. The debate will be led by a series of short presentations, or rather “provocations”, followed and interrupted by open debate. Discussion leaders should offer a synthesis of general modeling issues, thus not specific solutions. They ideally should hint at possible developments for future and offer some building blocks without burden of proof. A goal is to avoid taking DSGE modeling as a starting point and fit financial frictions into it, and rather start from first principles. How can micro-models of financial intermediation be aggregated up to provide new workhorse models for macro-finance?

Whenever relevant, public policy issues should be considered from both positive and normative standpoints.


Viral Acharya (NYU Stern, CEPR and NBER)

Enrico Perotti (UVA and CEPR)