CEPR-TFI Online Webinar Event: Household Welfare; Do We Need Big Data? 

CEPR-TFI Online Webinar Event: Household Welfare; Do We Need Big Data? 

7 May 2020
Online Webinar

The retail banking sector is undergoing a profound transformation, as big data becomes available and is increasingly used to customise and shape retail banking services. Big data is also becoming increasingly necessary to conduct monetary policy, financial stability and insure adequate financial consumer protection. This CEPR-TFI webinar discussed these issues with leading experts from the academic, policy and professional world. The video will last about one hour and a half, with one hour dedicated to the speakers presentations and half hour to a moderated panel discussion. Read the full article here.


17:30-19:00 (CEST) CEPR-TFI Event – Household Welfare: Do We Need Big Data?

  • Welcome: Mark Cliffe, Global Head of the New Horizons Hub (ING Group)
  • Opening Remarks: Paolo Sodini (Stockholm School of Economics and SHoF)


  • John Y. Campbell, Professor (Harvard University) - Presentation Slides
  • Martin Flodén, Deputy Governor (Riksbank)
  • Shiler Khedri, Global Head of Data and Technology at ING Analytics (ING) - Presentation Slides
  • Gianluca Violante, Professor (Princeton University) Presentation Slides

Panel Discussion

Chair: Karolina Ekholm, Professor (Stockholm University and CEPR)

Think Forward Initiative: https://www.thinkforwardinitiative.com/ 

CEPR Network on Household Finance: https://cepr.org/content/cepr-network-household-finance