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Conference calls for papers and applications across all CEPR programme areas that are currently receiving submissions have been listed below. For any questions on how to submit, please get in touch with CEPR's events team:​

Coronavirus Information:

As you are no doubt aware, the spread of the coronavirus has resulted in many events around the world being cancelled, postponed or reformatted to allow for remote participation. Please note that CEPR is monitoring developments very carefully and liaising with all conference organisers regarding the best course of action to take for each event. If you are applying for, or scheduled to attend, one of our events, please look out for direct communications regarding your event from each organiser. If you have not yet received any specific advice we recommend that you hold off making any travel arrangements until further information has been given. 


Closing the Gaps: The Future of Stablisation Policies After the COVID-19 Pandemic

17-18 June 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic hit in a macroeconomic environment that has been characterised by long-lasting low interest rates, low inflation and (in some cases) low growth. Concerns on both its causes and its policy implications are growing stronger: Why is inflation falling short of central banks’ targets? Are business cycle fluctuations, and the effects of monetary policy, symmetric around some natural level? Does the new macroeconomic environment call for a revision of the strategy and objectives of monetary policy? What is the role that fiscal policies should play in stabilising the economy?

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Inflation: Dynamics, Expectations, and Targeting

12-13 July 2021

In the years following the GFC, many economies have experienced low inflation rates, both during the years of moderate activity and in periods of recovery. The underlying causes of this phenomenon and the apparent weakening of the relationship between activity and prices against the backdrop of changes in price adjustment dynamics due to global changes such as technological advances and the spread of e-commerce are not fully understood. The COVID-19 crisis exacerbated this downward trend, owing to weak demand, which dominated the initial negative supply shock.

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Max Planck Summer School on the Political Economy of Conflict and Redistribution 2021

Berlin, Germany
2-8 August 2021

The Political Economy of Conflict and Redistribution (PolEcCon) Summer School 2021 is aimed at young researchers in the early stage of their careers as PhD students and Postdocs, notably in the fields of Economics and Political Science. The School provides research-oriented lectures bvy senior experts in the field of the Political Economy of Conflict and Redistribution.

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CEPR Women in Economics Workshop in Micro-& Applied Microeconomics 

Cologne, Germany
9-10 September 2021

We invite submissions to the inaugural Micro- & Applied Microeconomics workshop, under the CEPR’s Women in Economics initiative. This workshop will be a collaboration between CEPR and the University of Cologne, with the support of the ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy Cluster of Excellence.

The aim of this workshop is to host presentation and foster interaction between female researchers working in the areas of microeconomics and applied microeconomics/-econometrics.

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3rd Endless Summer Conference on Financial Intermediation and Corporate Finance

Athens, Greece
30-31 August 2021

The organising and programme committees, along with the organising institutions (Glasgow University - Cyprus University of Technology - Durham University Business School - KU Leuven - Fordham University - Montpellier Business School - University of Zurich - Centre for Economic Policy Research) invite submissions of high quality theoretical or empirical research papers on financial intermediation, corporate finance, and their intersection.

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European Research Workshop in International Trade (ERWIT) 2021

Milan, Italy
20-22 October 2021

We are writing to invite you to submit a paper or to express your interest in attending CEPR's European Research Workshop in International Trade (ERWIT) 2021, to be held in Milan from 20 to 22 October 2021, organised in cooperation with Università degli Studi di Milano, Centro Studi Luca d'Agliano, the Baffi Carefin Centre of Bocconi University and the Horizon 2020 MICROPROD Project. Papers are invited on any trade-related issues.

ERWIT is an annual workshop that brings together international economists from across Europe and key researchers from outside the region. The workshop disseminates the findings of recent research on international trade, and presentations often involve exploratory rather than finished papers. It provides a unique opportunity to discuss trade-related research in a relaxed atmosphere. ERWIT 2020 took place virtually last year and the video recordings from ERWIT 2020 are available to watch on the following 
Youtube playlist

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Joint CEPR and Seventh Banco de Espana Economic History Seminar

Madrid, Spain / Online
8 October 2021

We are writing to invite you to submit a paper proposal or to express your interest in attending the joint CEPR and seventh Banco de España Economic History Seminar, which will take place on 8 October 2021.

The symposium aims to bring together leading researchers in the field. Papers are being sought on topics including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Macroeconomic and financial history
  • Economic growth in the very long run
  • Institutions and economic development
  • The history of the international economy

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New Consumption Data

2-3 September 2021

We invite you to submit a paper or express interest in attending the third conference on New Consumption Data organized by the University of CopenhagenLondon School of Economics, and CEPR. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, this year’s conference will be held as a webinar event to take place on September 2-3, 2021. The deadline for submission is June 1, 2021.

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Asset returns and spending
  • Spending effects of income shocks and adverse events
  • Welfare consequences of social insurance programs
  • The impact of mortgage refinancing on spending
  • Validation of new spending measures
  • Consumption inequality
  • Spending effects of public policies
  • Insurance within the family
  • Children and spending
  • Consumption during the COVID-19 crisis

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Bank of Finland and CEPR Joint Conference on
New Avenues for Monetary Policy

September 10-11 2021
Helsinki, Finland and Online

The conference will bring together top researchers from academia, central banks, and other policy institutions to present research findings related to current as well mid-term to long-run issues and challenges concerning monetary policy. Some of the topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Debt sustainability, fiscal expectations, and monetary-fiscal interactions
  • Liquidity traps, financial stability, and monetary policy effectiveness
  • Role of low productivity growth, demographics, and the pandemic for policy
  • Green monetary policy
  • Long term drivers of inflation
  • Monetary policy and inequality
  • Communication and expectations management
  • Insight from surveys and micro data for monetary policy models

We invite authors to submit completed papers or extended abstracts. Preferences are for completed papers.

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