Open Calls for Papers

Conference calls for papers and applications across all CEPR programme areas that are currently receiving submissions have been listed below. For any questions on how to submit, please get in touch with CEPR's events team:​

Coronavirus Information:

As you are no doubt aware, the spread of the coronavirus has resulted in many events around the world being cancelled, postponed or reformatted to allow for remote participation. Please note that CEPR is monitoring developments very carefully and liaising with all conference organisers regarding the best course of action to take for each event. If you are applying for, or scheduled to attend, one of our events, please look out for direct communications regarding your event from each organiser. If you have not yet received any specific advice we recommend that you hold off making any travel arrangements until further information has been given. 


CEPR/Study Center Gerzensee European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets (ESSFM) 2020

Gerzensee, Switzerland
20-31 July 2020

The 31st CEPR/Study Center Gerzensee European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets (ESSFM) will take place in Gerzensee from 20 to 31 July 2020. The Organising Committee for this symposium consists of: Vikrant Vig (London Business School and CEPR), Norman Schuerhoff (Université de Lausanne and CEPR) and Dmitry Livdan (University of California, Berkeley). This call for papers invites you to express your interest in attending this symposium, or to submit a paper proposal in any area of financial economics and related fields.

The meeting will include daily seminars in the morning, in which participants present their work, as well as less formal evening seminars scheduled at the beginning of the Symposium. A substantial amount of time is reserved for independent work and collaborative research, which provides participants with a unique opportunity to interact and discuss each other's research.

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Financial innovation: Implications for competition, regulation, and monetary policy

Basel, Switzerland
24-25 September 2020

Together with the Bank of England and the CEPR, the Bank for International Settlements is hosting a two-day workshop on “Financial innovation, regulation, competition and monetary transmission”. Taking place on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 September 2020 in Basel, the conference aims to stimulate debate and research on the implications of financial innovation for the macroeconomy, the regulatory framework, competition and the conduct of monetary policy. 

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Inflation Dynamics, Expectations, and Targeting

Jerusalem, Israel
30 June - 1 July 2020

In the years following the GFC, many economies have experienced low rates of inflation, both during the years of moderate activity, but also in periods of recovery. The underlying causes of this phenomenon and the apparent weakening of the relationship between activity and prices against the backdrop of changes in price adjustment dynamics due to global changes such as technological advances and the spread of e-commerce, are not fully understood. These developments alongside the proximity of monetary interest rates to their effective lower bound, have revived the discussion of the inflation target regime – its advantages and disadvantages and the changes that might be required in this regime.
The conference “Inflation: Dynamics, Expectations, and Targeting” organized by the Bank of Israel and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), to be held in Jerusalem on June 30--July 1, 2020, will address these issues and will be an opportunity to discuss them, bringing together top researchers from academia, central banks, and other policy institutions

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New Consumption Data

3-4 September 2020

For the past two years, the conference has successfully gathered together researchers working on a wave of research on consumption using new types of spending data, such as imputed consumption from administrative data or high frequency spending data from banks or financial planning apps. By now, this has turned into an extremely active and fruitful area of research, opening new and interesting perspectives in various fields in economics, from labor to public economics, from household finance to macroeconomics

The goal of the conference is to bring people interested in the topic together to present new research using these new data and methods to measure spending, discuss pros and cons and exchange best practices, etc.

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Empirial Investigations in Services Trade Fourth Biennial Conference
Ankara, Turkey
22-23 June 2020

We invite submissions of papers and expressions of interest in attending the Fourth Empirical Investigations in Services Trade (EIST) conference. The meeting will take place on 22-23 June in Ankara, Turkey, hosted by TEDU-TRC. The theme of the conference is economic analysis of trade and investment in services. We welcome submissions related to any aspect of international trade and investment in services, including empirical analyses of sectoral policy and regulation, trade and investment agreements, labour market adjustment and trade or investment in services, the role of services in value chains and offshoring and analysis using firm-level data.

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Salento Macro Meetings

Lecce, Italy
21-22 August 2020

The fourth edition of the Salento Macro Meetings will take place in Lecce, Italy on the 21st and 22nd of August 2020.1

The objective of this event is to bring distinguished researchers in Macroeconomics in the relaxed and fruitful atmosphere of Salento, the peninsula located in the southernmost region of Apulia, Italy. 

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3rd Endless Summer Conference On Financial Intermediation And Corporate Finance

Glyfada, Athens, Greece
31 August and 1 September 2020

The organising and programme committees, along with the organising institutions (Glasgow University ─ Cyprus University of Technology ─ Durham University Business School ─ KU Leuven ─ Fordham University ─ Montpellier Business School ─ University of Zurich ─ Centre for Economic Policy Research) invite submissions of high quality theoretical or empirical research papers on financial intermediation, corporate finance, and their intersection.

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Closing the Gaps: The Future of Stabilisation Policiies in a Low Interest Rate Environment

Rome, Italy
1-2 October 2020

The current macroeconomic environment of low interest rates, low inflation and (in some cases) low growth has been going on for a prolonged period of time in many advanced countries, spurring a debate on both its causes and its policy implications: Why is inflation falling short of central banks’ targets?  Are business cycle fluctuations, and the effects of monetary policy, symmetric around some natural level? Does the new macroeconomic environment call for a revision of the strategy and objectives of monetary policy? What is the role that fiscal policies should play in stabilising the economy?

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BoE, CEPR, Imperial, LSE Third Conference on Non-bank Financial Sector and Financial Stability

London, UK
9 October 2020

Non-bank financial intermediation comprises almost half of the global financial sector. Since the crisis, UK private non-financial corporations have also substituted funding from banks for tradable securities. Alongside these changes, the share of electronic trading in financial markets has increased substantially over the last decades. Pension funds and insurance companies have broadened their asset portfolios in ways that provide finance which is an alternative to bank funding.

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Nineteenth Summer School in International and Development Economics

Milan, Italy
2-5 September 2020

The school intends to provide an intensive training course for graduate students and young researchers who are working in the field of development and international economics. This year the focus will be on investment choices in developing countries.

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