Open Calls for Papers

Conference calls for papers and applications across all CEPR programme areas that are currently receiving submissions have been listed below. For any questions on how to submit, please get in touch with CEPR's events team:​

EABCN Conference on Advances in Business Cycle Analysis

Madrid, Spain
30-31 May 2019

The conference will cover a broad range of themes related to empirical aspects of business cycles – in particular novel methodologies for dating business cycles and their effects on the economy. Topics of the conference include but are not limited to:

  • Dating Business Cycles,
  • Empirical Estimation of Business Cycles,
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policies and their empirical effects on Business Cycles,
  • Forecasting Business Cycles,
  • Big Data in Business Cycle Analysis

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CEPR/IGC/ILO/GSEM Conference on Labour Markets in Developing Countries

Geneva, Switzerland
9-10 May 2019

The goal of the conference is to provide a forum for high-quality work in labour/development economics. The conference will bring together around 40 economists for a period of two days. To foster the desired interaction, we ask that participants stay for the entire duration of the symposium. The programme will start on Thursday morning (9th) and end on Friday evening (10th).  

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3rd CEPR/EBRD/Economics of Transition and Insitutional Change/LSE Symposium on "Environmental Economics and the Green Transition" 

London, United Kingdom
13-14 June 2019

You are invited to submit a paper to the 3rd CEPR/EBRD/Economics of Transition and Institutional Change/LSE Symposium on environmental economics and the green transition in advanced and emerging markets. The symposium will provide a platform for researchers and policy makers to discuss new research and to identify areas where further academic and policy-oriented work is needed. 

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Joint Bank of Italy/CEPR/IZA Annual Symposium in Labour Economics 2019

Rome, Italy
13-14 June 2019

We invite you to submit a paper or express interest in attending the 2019 BoI/CEPR/IZA Annual Symposium in Labour Economics, taking place on 13-14 June 2019 and hosted by the Bank of Italy in Rome.

The keynote speakers are Magne Mogstad (University of Chicago) and Amanda Pallais (Harvard University).

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European Summer Symposium in Economic Theory 2019

Gerzensee, Switzerland
1 - 12 July 2019

ESSET 2019 will be devoted to "Advances in Behavioral Theory", and "Information, Learning, and Markets".

This is an invitationonly event.

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18th Annual GEP/CEPR Postgraduate Conference

University of Nottingham, UK
10-11 May 2019

The 18th GEP/CEPR Postgraduate Conference will take place on the 10th and 11th May 2019 at the University of Nottingham.  The Conference provides a forum for the dissemination of student research relating to issues of Globalisation and Economic Policy from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. These areas include Foreign Direct Investment, Trade, Productivity, Economics of the MNEs, Migration and Labour Market Adjustment.  

The objective of the Conference is to bring together a number of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to discuss their own research ideas with established researchers in a relaxed atmosphere. The conference is open to graduate students and post-docs. Speakers will be selected on the basis of submitted papers or an extended abstract. (Preference will, however, be given to papers.) 

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Joint Seventh CEPR Economic History Symposium and Fifth Banco de España Economic History Seminar

Tarragona, Spain
30-31 May 2019

The symposium aims to bring together leading researchers in the field. Papers are being sought on topics including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Macroeconomic and financial history
  • Economic growth in the very long run
  • Institutions and economic development
  • The history of the international economy

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EABCN Conference on New Approaches for Understanding Business Cycles

Mannheim, Germany
30-31 August 2019

The conference covers a broad range of themes related to challenges and advancements in understanding business cycle behavior. It seeks to bring together recent contributions in this area of research, including studies with strong theoretical basis and empirical papers.  
A non-exclusive list of examples of relevant topics include:
•  Alternative sources for demand-like and supply-like aggregate disturbances 
•  The role of uncertainty, asymmetries, country characteristics, and asset markets for the behavior of business cycles
•  New empirical facts characterizing business cycle fluctuations
•  The role of medium or long-run trends (globalization, digitalization, automation, etc.) in shaping business cycle outcomes
•  The role of firm and consumer heterogeneity for business cycles behavior.

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Impact of Regulations in a Changing World: Innovations and New Risks

Basel, Switzerland
26-27 June 2019








Ten years after the financial crisis, the post-crisis reform agenda, which includes more and better capital, higher leverage and risk-based capital ratios, additional macro-prudential measures, and other initiatives to improve resolvability of financial institutions and stability of the financial system, is being implemented in an environment that presents new challenges and new risks.

This workshop aims to consider the impacts of post-crisis reforms and to understand innovations and emerging risks that could impact individual financial institutions and the financial system more broadly.

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Fintech and Digital Currencies

Basel, Switzerland
26-27 September 2019

Together with the ABFER and the CEPR, the Bank for International Settlements is hosting a two-day workshop on “Fintech and Digital Currencies”. Taking place on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 September 2019 in Basel, the conference aims to stimulate debate and research on financial innovation and the digital economy.

The workshop will bring together leading academics, central bankers and bank supervisors.

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CEPR/Study Center Gerzensee European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets (ESSFM) 2019

Gerzenss, Switzerland
15-26 July 2019

The 30th CEPR/Study Center Gerzensee European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets (ESSFM) will take place in Gerzensee from 15 to 26 July 2019. The Organising Committee for this symposium consists of: Norman Schuerhoff (Université de Lausanne and CEPR), Dmitry Livdan (University of California, Berkeley) and Vikrant Vig (London Business School and CEPR).

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2nd Endless Summer Conference on Financial Intermediation and Corporate Finance

Athens, Greece
2-3 September 2019

The organising and programme committees, along with the organising institutions (Glasgow University ─ Cyprus University of Technology ─ Durham University Business School ─ KU Leuven ─ Fordham University ─ Montpellier Business School ─ University of Zurich ─ Centre for Economic Policy Research) invite submissions of high quality theoretical or empirical research papers on financial intermediation, corporate finance, and their intersection. 

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Economics of Social Sector Organisations (ESSO), Entrepreneurship Economics (ENT), Incentives, Management and Organisation (IMO)

London, United Kingdom
19-20 September 2019

The three groups have joined forces to explore issues of common interest and facilitate exchanges between researchers with overlapping interests. All papers will be considered for joint and parallel sections.
Economics of Social Sector Organisations explores the set of organisations that are neither traditional for-profit firms nor governmental entities but which address social issues and have social objectives.
Incentives, Management and Organisation covers areas such as organisational economics, personnel economics, management and productivity, incentives and contracts, bounded rationality, and behavioral economics.
Economics of Entrepreneurship covers entrepreneurship and institutions, financing entrepreneurship (venture capital/business angels), experimentation and entrepreneurship, job creation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in the theory of the firm, and entrepreneurship from an industrial organisation perspective.

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The Eleventh Annual Conference on Urban and Regional Economics [CURE] 

London, UK 
27-28 September 2019

The Centre for Economic Performance [CEP] at the London School of Economics and Political Science will host the eleventh annual Conference on Urban and Regional Economics (CURE) on September 27-28, 2019. The conference will run for two days, from the morning of Friday, September 27 through the afternoon of Saturday, September 28.

The goal of the conference is to bring together researchers working at the frontiers on topics in urban and regional economics from around the world to present, discuss and participate in the workshop.

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Bank of Finland and CEPR Joint Conference on Monetary Economics and Reality

Helsinki, Finland 
12-13 October 2019

The programme will feature a keynote address by Andrei Shleifer (Harvard) and presentations by invited speakers: Alberto Martin (CREI), Gianluca Violante (Princeton and CEPR), Ivan Werning (MIT), Mirko Wiederholt (Science Po and CEPR).

The conference will bring together top researchers from academia, central banks, and other policy institutions to present research findings related to monetary economics.

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