Open Calls for Papers

Conference calls for papers and applications across all CEPR programme areas that are currently receiving submissions have been listed below. For any questions on how to submit, please get in touch with CEPR's events team:​

14th Joint ECB/CEPR Labour Market Workshop on Labour Markets in the Digital Era

Frankfurt, Germany
6-7 December 2018

The workshop is being organised by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). We welcome both theoretical and empirical contributions. Research topics of particular relevance to the conference include the following:

  • Labour market effects of technological change and digitalisation

  • Demand effects of technological progress across ages, genders and skills

  • Skills formation in the digital era and the role of education and vocational training

  • The role of new technologies in labour market matching

  • New forms of labour supply – the gig economy

  • Digitalisation and income inequality

  • Labour market institutions and regulation in the digital economy

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12th Digital Economics Conference

Toulouse, France
10-11 January 2019

THE OBJECTIVE OF THE CONFERENCE, organised by the TSE Digital Center at the Toulouse School of Economies, is to discuss recent contributions to the understanding of the digital economy and its consequences for modern societies. Keeping the spirit of previous years, the conference will feature theoretical, econometric, experimental and policy-oriented contributions.

We welcome submissions from scholars working in law, political science, psychology and sociology as well as economics.

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12th Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation

Lenzerheide, Switzerand
31 March - 3 April 2019

The organising committee of this small, informal conference invites submissions of high quality theoretical or empirical research papers on financial intermediation.


To respond, please visit: and indicate if you wish to present a paper. If you have any difficulties registering for this meeting, please contact the CEPR Events team at for assistance (with subject header "5705 - Swiss Winter Conference 2019"). The deadline for replies is 6pm (GMT), Monday 15 October 2018. Authors will be notified about the acceptance of papers and the conference program by November 25, 2018. There is no conference fee and there are no accommodation costs for the invited presenters, discussants and chairs, but all participants must cover their own travel costs.

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PEDL-IGC Conference on Firms and Markets

London, UK
13-14 December 2018

The Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries (PEDL) programme and the Firms research group of the International Growth Centre (IGC) are organising a 2-day conference at the London School of Economics on 13 and 14 December, 2018, with a theme of Firms, Markets, and Development. The organising committee for the programme consists of Adnan Khan, Kalina Manova and Chris Woodruff. 

For the programme on the 13th, we welcome submissions of papers relevant to the theme for consideration on the programme, whether or not the underlying projects are funded by IGC or PEDL. 

The programme on the 14th will give priority to PEDL- or IGC-funded projects, and will include some shorter sessions for somewhat earlier stage work.

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Accounting For The Wealth Of Nations: History And Theory

Odense, Denmark
25-26 April 2019

The CEPR Economic History and Macro Growth Programmes are getting together for a joint conference on understanding differences in living standards between nations. The conference will take place at SDU to mark the 10th Annual Workshop on Growth, History and Development, in collaboration with the Danish Institute for Advanced Study and in collaboration with CAGE, also marking its 10th year of operation. Economic historians have recently made much progress in reconstructing historical national accounts and quantifying other economic variables for the last millennium. This work has implications for the stylised facts that growth economists seek to explain in their analysis. At the same time, it is important for economic historians to keep abreast of the latest research in growth economics, since new analysis may identify new variables on which relevant historical evidence can be collected. The conference will feature some keynote lectures summarising recent developments in economic history and growth economics as well as current frontier research in both programmes. Confirmed speakers include Philippe Aghion, Bob Allen, Nick Crafts, Oded Galor, Sheilagh Ogilvie, Kevin O’Rourke and Jaume Ventura.

If you would like to submit a paper proposal, please upload a draft with your reply form by visiting and indicate whether or not you wish to present a paper or act as a discussant.

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Financial Intermediation, Regulation and Economic Policy: The 50th Anniversary of the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking


Frankfurt, Germany
28-29 March 2019

This research and policy conference is part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.  The conference, hosted by the European Central Bank and sponsored by The Ohio State University, will focus on the challenges facing financial intermediaries, their supervisors and regulators, as well as central banks and other economic policy-makers in the coming years.  The research proceedings of this conference will be published in a 50th anniversary special issue of the JMCB.  (A parallel JMCB 50th anniversary conference, focusing on monetary and macroeconomic issues, is being hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in May 2019.)

The conference will feature talks from leading experts in bank research and regulation, including Gary Gorton, Sheila Bair, Mark Flannery, and Til Schuermann.  We are in the process of adding several additional speakers to the conference agenda. 

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Adam Smith Workshops in Asset Pricing and Corporate Finance

London, UK
21-22 March 2019

You are invited to submit papers for the forthcoming Adam Smith Asset Pricing (ASAP) and Adam Smith Corporate Finance (ASCF) Workshops.

The meetings will take place concurrently on Thursday, 21 and Friday, 22 March 2019 at Imperial College London, 170 Queens Gate, South Kensington, London SW7 5HF. There will be a joint conference dinner on Thursday, 21 March. The event web page is:

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Challenges in Understanding the Monetary Transmission Mechanism​

Warsaw, Poland
21-22 March 2019

The conference covers a broad range of themes related to challenges and advancements in understanding the monetary transmission mechanism. It seeks to bring together recent contributions in this area of research, including studies with strong theoretical basis as well as empirical papers.  


The deadline for submissions is 5pm GMT on Friday 30 November 2018. For CEPR members and those registered with the CEPR website, please submit your paper via the CEPR online system by visiting

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3rd CEPR/EBRD/Economics of Transition Symposium on “The Environment and the Green Transition”

London, United Kingdom
13-14 June 2018

You are invited to submit a paper to the 3rd CEPR/EBRD/Economics of Transition Economics Symposium on the environment and the green transition in advanced and emerging markets. The symposium will provide a platform for researchers and policy makers to discuss new research and to identify areas where further academic and policy-oriented work is needed. 

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