We invite you to submit a paper to the conference Macroeconomic Implications of Intra-Household Decision Making. The conference will be held at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, on December 11-12, 2024. Keynote lectures will be given by David de la Croix (Université Catholique de Louvain and CEPR) and Michèle Tertilt (University of Mannheim and CEPR).
The work presented at this conference will cover research that advances the understanding of the role of decision making in multi-person households for the macroeconomy and for the distributions of income, consumption and wealth. We welcome empirical and theoretical contributions in the following areas:

  • Household formation, marriage and fertility
  • Human capital and income dynamics over the lifecycle
  • Labor market dynamics and wage inequality
  • Household savings and housing
  • Wealth and income inequality

To submit a paper for presentation at the conference, please send us an e-mail with your submission in pdf format. Submission of an extended abstract is possible, although preference will be given to full paper submissions. If you are interested in discussing a paper, please also let us know. The deadline for submissions is August 15, 2024. Acceptance decisions will be communicated by September 15. Hotel accommodation for all speakers will be provided and limited travel funds are available. We look forward to receiving your submissions. For all communications and submissions, please send an e-mail to Christine Nieraad ([email protected]).
In addition to the "Macroeconomic Implications of Intra-Household Decision Making" conference, the third edition of the CEPR Paris Symposium will take place on December 12-18, 2024. We invite you to submit theoretical or applied papers related to Macroeconomics and Europe by May 31, 2024. Selected papers are tentatively scheduled for Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Monday 16 December, 2024. Any papers submitted to the CEPR Paris Symposium should be submitted by the intended presenting author. Please click here for more information on how to make a submission.
Georg Dürnecker (Goethe University Frankfurt and CEPR)
Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln (Goethe University Frankfurt and CEPR)
Zainab Iftikhar (University of Bonn and CEPR)
Chiara Lacava (Goethe University Frankfurt and CEPR)
Alexander Ludwig (Goethe University Frankfurt and CEPR)
Leo Kaas (Goethe University Frankfurt and CEPR)