Polarised views have been expressed recently (especially on social media) on the causes for the rise of inflation globally. There has been a spirited exchange among those who take the view that market power has something to do with it, and those who don’t. The Competition RPN of CEPR is a forum for discussion among academics interested in policy, and antitrust enforcers/policymakers. While IO is the discipline still most directly related to antitrust enforcement, this topic is an opportunity to broaden the discussion. 

Special guest Andrea Coscelli, currently Chief Executive of the UK’s Competition and Market Authority and stepping down in just over a month, opened the discussion with his view about what is relevant to antitrust enforcers in the current climate, why competition policy needs a broader perspective, and how academics can help. You can download the summary of his chat with Cristina Caffarra (Keystone & RPN Deputy Chair) at the top of this page. 

This was followed by a roundtable where leading academics shared their views on the topic and had time for discussion and interventions from the audience. The summary of this panel session can also be downloaded at the top of this page. 

To elicit a frank discussion, this event was by invitation only. A video recording of the event is available below.