Recent international surveys reveal sincere support for a global carbon price funding a global basic income. For the 13th Episode of the CEPR/EAERE Webinar Series on Climate Policies, on Wednesday, 7 June 2023, 05:00-06:30 PM (CEST), Adrien Fabre (CIRED, CNRS) presented a Global Climate Plan acceptable to most countries building upon these results. The presentation was followed by a discussion and Q&A session with the audience moderated by Christian Gollier (Toulouse School of Economics, EAERE, CEPR & Climate Change RPN Leader).

The presented paper International Attitudes Toward Global Policies, co-authored with Thomas Douenne (University of Amsterdam) and Linus Mattauch (Technical University Of Berlin) is available here


Adrien Fabre

CRNS Research Fellow at CIRED French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)