The optimal price of CO2 remains a highly debated question among economists, in particular given the deep uncertainties surrounding the costs and benefits of decarbonization. In this 12thCEPR/EAERE Webinar: Carbon princing under uncertainty, on April 3, 2023, from 05:00-06:30 PM (CET), we asked four experts to address the issue of how to take account of these uncertainties in the determination of the efficient CO2 prices (or “value” for cost-benefit analysis), present and future.

Frédéric Cherbonnier (Sciences Po Toulouse & Toulouse School of Economics) & Aude Pommeret (France Stratégie & Université Savoie Mont Blanc) gave a presentation on Carbon pricing and stress discounting, Derek Lemoine (University of Arizona, NBER, Climate Change RPN Associate Fellow) on Components of the Social Cost of Carbon under Uncertainty and Billy Pizer (Resources for the Future) on The Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases: Recent RFF Research, Recent EPA Estimates, and the Stochastic Discounting Approach. 

The roundtable and Q&A session with the audience was moderated by Christian Gollier (Toulouse School of Economics, EAERE, CEPR & Climate Change RPN Leader)


Derek Lemoine

Research Associate National Bureau Of Economic Research (NBER); Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies University of Arizona

William A. Pizer

Vice President for Research and Policy Engagement Resources For The Future