The CEPR Network on Household Finance is inviting you to join the online seminar from the CEPR Household Finance Seminar Series on Friday 14 January at 3 pm CET.

The seminar will be on "Personal Bankruptcy and the Accumulation of Shadow Debt" presented by Bronson Argyle (Brigham Young University). The paper is joint with Ben Iverson (Brigham Young University), Taylor Nadauld (Brigham Young University) and Christopher Palmer (MIT Sloan). 

As previously, access to the Zoom joining link will be circulated via email to those registered, at 2 pm CET on Friday, 14 January ahead of the seminar beginning at 3 pm CET.
If you would like to register for the Seminar Series, please contact Lydia Williams, Events Officer at [email protected]. Please note if you have attended any previous HF Seminar Series Sessions you do not need to register again.