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The series is currently run by Anastasia Girshina (Stockholm School of Economics and Swedish House of Finance) and Marieke Bos (Swedish House of Finance, VU Amsterdam and CEPR), meeting once a month on the second Friday on Zoom. 

Topics discussed include but are not limited to asset allocation and debt behaviour over the life cycle, financing retirement and the demographic transition, consumer indebtedness, financial distress, and default decisions, behavioural approaches to household finance, financial literacy and financial education programs, trust, subjective expectations, pessimism, and financial decisions, international comparisons of household finances using micro-data, financial advice and legal protection of investors and borrowers, financial innovation and household finances, households liquidity and risk management, climate change, sustainability, and household finances.

9th February:

Presenter: Lu Liu (University of Pennsylvania)

Paper: Mortgage Lock-In, Mobility, and Labor Reallocation

8th March:

Presenter: Giorgia Barboni (University of Warwick)

Paper: Rural Banks Can Reduce Poverty: Experimental Evidence from 870 Indian Villages?

12th April:

Presenter: Dejanir Silva

Paper: Risk-taking over the Life Cycle: Aggregate and Distributive Implications of Entrepreneurial Risk

14th June:

Presenter: Pierre Mabille 

Paper: Unlocking Mortgage Lock-In: Theory and Evidence From a Spatial Housing Ladder Model


Next dates

13th September

11th October

8th November

13th December


13th January:

Presenter: Emily Gallagher (University of Colorado at Boulder and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
Paper: "Blood Money"
Co-Author: John Dooley (Washington University in St. Louis)

10th February:

Presenter: Nic Schaub (WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management)
Paper: How Does a Ban on Kickbacks Affect Individual Investors?
Co-Author: Simon Straumann (WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management)

10th March:

Presenter: Julia Fonseca (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Paper: How Much Do Small Businesses Rely on Personal Credit?
Co-Author: Jialan Wang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

14th April:

Presenter: Felix Fattinger (WU Vienna)
Paper: Interest Rates, Competition, and Complexity: Demand and Supply of Retail Financial Products
Co-Authors: Marc Chesney (University of Zurich), Nils Jonathan Krakow (University of Zurich) and Simon Straumann (WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management)

12th May:

Presenter: Michaela Pagel (Columbia University)
Paper: Cookies and Shopping
Co-Author: Emily Williams (Harvard Business School)

16th June:

Presenter: Galo Nuño (Banco de España)
Paper: The Heterogeneous Impact of Inflation on Households’ Balance Sheets
Co-Authors: Miguel Cardoso, Clodomiro Ferreira, José Miguel Leiva, Álvaro Ortiz, Tomasa Rodrigo, and Sirenia Vazquez 

8th September:

Presenter: Deniz Aydın (Washington University in St. Louis)
Paper: Forbearance vs. Interest Rates: Experimental Tests of Liquidity and Strategic Default Triggers

13th October:

Presenter: Daniel Grodzicki (Pennsylvania State University)
Paper: Competition and Customer Acquisition in the U.S. Credit Card Market

17th November:

Presenter: Johannes Wohlfart (University Of Copenhagen)
Paper: Home Price Expectations and Spending: Evidence from a Field Experiment

1st December:

Presenter: Maureen O’Hara (Cornell University, University of Technology Sydney)
Paper: Tiny Trades, Big Questions: Fractional Shares