This Event is no longer receiving submissions.

The CEPR annual symposium of the Development Economics programme will be hosted by online on Thursday 20 May and Friday 21 May 2021. The workshop is organised by Laboratory for Effective Anti-poverty Policies at Bocconi (LEAP) and CEPR. We now invite submissions for this conference from interested researchers on any topic within the area of Development Economics. The deadline for submission is Monday 15 March 2021. We accept both full-length papers and extended abstracts for projects at an advanced stage.

Depending on the number of submissions, we may organise sessions with short and long presentations, and that each submission will be automatically considered for both, unless the author wishes otherwise, in which case they should indicate it in the "Comments" field on the submission form.

How to apply

Please note that there will be time for only a small number of presentations. The conference will last for two afternoons starting at 2pm London time on both days; there are no parallel sessions.

Authors who are CEPR affiliated can upload their submission online at If you do not currently have a CEPR account, please create a profile online here and use the registration link above. If you have any difficulties registering for this meeting please contact Mandy Chan, Senior Events Officer at [email protected]