This Event is no longer receiving submissions.

The next European Research Workshop in International Trade (ERWIT) and Conference on Urban and Regional Economics (CURE) will be combined in 2023 in a joint event to be held in Turin from midday of Monday 5 June 2023 until the afternoon of Thursday 8 June 2023.

ERWIT is an annual workshop that brings together international economists from across Europe and key researchers from outside the region. The workshop disseminates the findings of recent research on international trade, and presentations often involve exploratory rather than finished papers. It provides a unique opportunity to discuss trade-related research in a relaxed atmosphere.

CURE is an annual conference that brings together researchers working at the frontier on topics in urban and regional economics from around the world. It has been held annually since 2009, alternating between Europe and the United States.

Recent research has forcefully highlighted the overlaps and the synergies among international, regional and urban economics in terms of both topics and methods, especially with respect to the macroeconomic implications of microeconomic heterogeneity. The aim of holding ERWIT and CURE back-to-back is to create a unique opportunity to further explore and develop those overlaps and synergies.

The joint ERWIT/CURE event will be organised by CEPR in cooperation with Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto, Università degli Studi di Milano, Centro Studi Luca d'Agliano, the Baffi Carefin Centre and the Achille and Giulia Boroli Chair of Bocconi University.

We are writing to invite you to submit a paper or to express your interest in attending the combined event. For ERWIT, we invite papers on topics related to international trade, foreign direct investment, migration, automation, and other issues related to globalisation. For CURE, we invite papers dealing with urban and regional topics; both theoretical and empirical papers are welcome. Papers that overlap both research areas are particularly welcome. Please also reply if you are interested in discussing a paper.

Kindly note that it will not be possible to accept all applications to attend the event. Thus, we would like you to confirm your interest in attending the meeting and indicate whether or not you wish to present a paper by the deadline indicated.

CEPR and the local organisers will offer some funding for travel and accommodation, but we cannot guarantee funding for all participants. If you have alternative research travel funding at your disposal, we encourage you to indicate this on your reply form. This will help fund travel for participants who do not have other sources of funding, young researchers in particular. Where funding is provided for travel costs, this will be in accordance with the CEPR Travel Guidelines which will be circulated at a later date.

The deadline for submissions was 18:00 (GMT) on Sunday 15 January 2023.