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The seventeenth CEPR/ Gerzensee European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets (ESSFM) will take place in Gerzensee from 17 to 28 July 2006. The Organizing Committee for this conference consists of: Philippe Bacchetta (Gerzensee, Université de Lausanne and CEPR), Magnus Dahlquist (Swedish Institute for Financial Research and CEPR) and David Thesmar (HEC School of Management and CEPR). The meeting will include daily seminars in the morning, in which participants present their work, as well as less formal evening seminars scheduled at the beginning of the Symposium. A substantial amount of time is reserved for independent work and collaborative research, which provides participants with a unique opportunity to interact and discuss each other's research. In addition, five mornings will be devoted to 'focus sessions', each of which concentrates on some recent developments in corporate finance (week one) and asset pricing (week two). The focus sessions in the corporate finance week will be organised by Bruno Biais (Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse and CEPR), Antoinette Schoar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and CEPR) and David Yermack (New York University Stern School of Business). Focus sessions of the asset pricing week will be organized by Albert 'Pete' Kyle (Duke University) and Pietro Veronesi (University of Chicago and CEPR).