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The Political Economy Programme Meeting

The Political Economy (POE) programme caters to an increasing demand for political economy research in economics and political science. The Western world is facing radical political transformations on both sides of the Atlantic and a public backlash against globalization, immigration, and inequality, which have ignited extreme policy positions in the US and Europe. These issues come on top of the perennial political problems often associated with political economy research, such as how different political incentives affect economic outcomes, the link between political failures and market failures, the problems of representation, or the role of economics in the onset of conflicts. All together these topics call for more discussion in the scientific community on the interaction between economic policy and political outcomes. The POE programme responds to the need for this type of research in the context of Europe, with the aim to foster a lively intellectual debate on these issues, spread research findings to a broader audience, and offer policymakers valuable recommendations for the design of novel and ambitious policies. The POE symposium unites annually towards these ends.