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Event Series Women in Economics

Women in Economics: Advancing Research in Economics

In June 2020 CEPR launched a virtual seminar series WE_ARE Women in Economics: Advancing Research in Economics. The seminar series aims to bring together junior and senior women in economics and to contribute to building an active and cooperative CEPR women in the economics community.

WE_ARE Seminar Series is structured around thematic weeks each month, designed to facilitate deeper, more impactful conversations:

Week 1: Finance
Week 2: Macroeconomics & International Economics
Week 3: Microeconomics & Applied Microeconomics
Week 4: Mentoring Sessions (once a term)


PRESENTER: Cristina Manea, Bank for International Settlements

PAPER: Big techs and the credit channel of monetary policy
HOST: Helene Rey, London Business School and CEPR

PRESENTER: Annie Lee, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS

PAPER: Liability Dollarization and Exchange Rate Pass-Through
HOST: Isabelle Mejean, Sciences Po and CEPR

13 MAY
PRESENTER: Friederike Niepmann, Federal Reserve Board and CEPR

PAPER: Geopolitical Risk and Global Banking
HOST: Veronica Rappoport, LSE and CEPR

PRESENTER: Martina Magli, LMU Munich

PAPER: Should we stay or should we go? Firms' adjustment to trade shocks
HOST: Kalina Manova, UCL and CEPR

PRESENTER: Sara Signorelli
, École Polytechnique – CREST
PAPER: The Wage of Temporary Agency Workers
HOST: Pauline Rossi
Ecole Polytechnique-CREST and CEPR

PRESENTER: Madeline McKelway, Dartmouth College

PAPER: Women's Self-efficacy and Economic Outcomes: Evidence from a Two-Stage Experiment in India
HOST: Abi Adams-Prassl, University of Oxford and CEPR

20 MAY
PRESENTER: Laura Karpuska, Insper

PAPER: Protests as Accountability Mechanism: Evidence of Brazil Mass Protests
HOST: Therese Nilsson, Lund University and IFN

PRESENTER: Amrita Kulka, University of Warwick

PAPER: Sorting into Neighborhoods: The Role of Minimum Lot Sizes
HOST: Tessa Bold, Institute of International Economic Studies and CEPR


WE_ARE and WinE Joint Session:
*Please note that this session will start at 1pm EDT, 6pm BST, 7pm CEST and will run for 60 minutes.

Natalie Bau, UCLA and CEPR
A Journey to Tenure

In this presentation, Natalie will delve into her personal journey towards achieving tenure.