This Event is no longer receiving submissions.

Joint CEPR and Ninth Banco de España
Economic History Seminar

Generously supported and hosted by Banco de España and CEPR
29 September 2023

Madrid, Spain

We are writing to invite you to submit a paper proposal or to express your interest in attending the joint CEPR and Ninth Banco de España Economic History Seminar, which will take place on 29 September 2023.

The seminar aims to bring together leading researchers in the field. Papers are being sought on topics including, but not necessarily limited to:
  • Macroeconomic and financial history
  • Economic growth in the very long run
  • Institutions and economic development
  • The history of the international economy

The deadline for replies was 7 July 2023. We cannot accept submissions received after this date.
Accommodation expenses will be covered for participants on the programme. Limited travel funding is available according to the
 CEPR travel guidelines.  We recommend that you hold off making any travel arrangements until further information has been given. The organisers will notify prospective participants late July 2023 of their decision.
Yours sincerely,
The Organisers/Scientific Committee

Stephen Broadberry (Oxford University and CEPR),
Rui Esteves (Geneva Graduate Institute and CEPR),
Eva Ortega (Banco de España),
Jacopo Timini (Banco de España)