CEPR's newly appointed Vice President for Climate, Mar Reguant, will chair and moderate the upcoming panel on the Macroeconomics of Climate Change, where Carlo CarraroAlessio TerziBeatrice Weder di Mauro and Ugo Panizza will discuss the macroeconomic aspects of climate change:

- How capitalism can be enrolled in the fight against climate catastrophe
- What policies can set in motion a global decarbonization wave and create good jobs and a better, greener, healthier world.
- How climate mitigation and adaptation is paid for, and who pays for it, considering instruments such as sovereign bonds, carbon credits, conditional official grants, and debt relief from both public and private sources.

The panel will draw upon Alessio Terzi's book "Growth for Good" and the 25th Geneva Report on the World Economy "Climate and Debt".


Mar Reguant

Research Fellow Barcelona School Of Economics; Professor Northwestern University

Carlo Carraro

Professor of Environmental Economics Ca' Foscari University Of Venice; Strategic Board Member EuroMediterranean Center on Climate change

Ugo Panizza

Vice President Centre for Economic Policy Research; Professor of Economics and Pictet Chair Geneva Graduate Institute (IHEID)