CEPR Webinar: The Political Economy Webinar Series

The CEPR Political Economics Webinar series will continue to be held on the first Wednesday of every month at 15:00 London time.

The format of the webinars will be as follows: the speaker will have 60 minutes to present their research. During those 60 minutes, questions will be limited to clarifying questions. After that, there will be 15 minutes for general questions and discussions.

This series of webinars is organised by the CEPR Political Economy Group together with the Research and Policy Network on Populism and Research and Policy Network on Conflict.
June 1 - Leeat Yariv (Princeton)
Please note that the webinars will be recorded and that the recordings will be advertised on CEPR website and YouTube channel. If you have any concerns on this regard please do contact CEPR Events Officer, Lydia Williams at [email protected] 

To register for the series please visit the Seminar Webpage here: https://cepr.org/event/polecon-webinar-series