The Spring 2021 Economic Policy Panel Meeting will be held online on 15 and 16 April and the papers presented will focus on 'The Economics of Covid-19'. The two-day event will be livestreamed on the Economic Policy youtube channel and website .

The coronavirus crisis has increased inequality in many dimensions. Two new studies of the inequality effects of Covid-19 and potential policy responses will be launched at an online panel discussion hosted by Europe's leading economic policy journal on Thursday 15 April at 5 PM (CEST), titled Tackling the Inequality Effects of Covid - and How to Pay for It.

Stefanie Stancheva will bring together evidence on the impacts of Covid-19 on inequality by region, by work sector, by gender and for children from different backgrounds. She will also explore avenues for policy action, as will Gabriel Zucman in a separate report, co-authored with Emmanuel Saez, presenting a new proposal for sharing the burden of paying for the global pandemic.

The presentations will be followed by a discussion with Ngaire Woods and Rana Foroohar

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