VDEV/CEPR/BREAD Seminars is an online seminar series, featuring invited speakers in the area of Development Economics. It was set up in the spring semester of 2020 as the VDEV seminar and will now continue jointly with CEPR and BREAD during autumn. It is organised jointly by CEPR, the University of Geneva (UniGe), Barcelona School of Economics (BSE), Paris School of Economics (PSE), Stockholm School of Economics and BREAD.



Sessions will take place bi-weekly on Tuesdays.

The line-up of speakers is as follows:
  • 27 Sept: Michael Greenstone (University of Chicago and CEPR) - Can Pollution Markets Work in Developing Countries? Experimental Evidence from India
  • 11 Oct: Dilip Mookherjee (Boston University) - Network Expansion and Overhang: Entrepreneurship in China's Structural Transformation
  • 25 Oct: Paula Bustos (CEMFI and CEPR) - The Effects of Climate Change on Labor and Capital Reallocation
  • 8 Nov: Debraj Ray (New York University) - Measuring Upward Mobility
  • 22 Nov: Shing-Yi Wang (University of Pennsylvania) - The Benefits and Costs of Guest Worker Programs: Experimental Evidence from The India-UAE Migration Corridor
  • 6 Dec: Rachel Glennerster (University of Chicago) - The Media or the Message: Experimental Evidence on Mass Media and Contraception in Burkina Faso