We are pleased to invite you to attend a two day Workshop which will present early versions of chapters of CEPR’s Paris Report on the Reconstruction of Ukraine. The Workshop will take place on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 September 2022.

There is currently much destruction and death in Ukraine, but one day the war will be over and there is a great deal of discussion relating to how Ukraine will be reconstructed after the war. One of the first contributions to the was the CEPR blueprint on the reconstruction.

CEPR is now expanding on the success of the blueprint and producing a report on the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The idea behind the report, which will be the first in CEPR’s series of Paris Reports,  is to expand on the key sectors that need reconstruction/modernization/reforms to give more detail on what needs to be done. In the spirit of the reconstruction being a joint Ukraine-EU project,  there will be two lead authors on each chapter: one from the EU and one from Ukraine, although some chapters will have more than two authors. The timeline is to discuss the report chapters at this workshop and to publish in late October/early November. This is a demanding timeline, but in the hope that the war will soon be over, the report can provide an important guide for the reconstruction from Day 1.