A new CEPR study by Gareth Campbell, Richard Grossman and John Turner presents monthly capital gains, dividend yield and total return indices for common equities quoted on British stock exchanges from 1829 to 1929.
CEPR Discussion Papers 05 May 2019
CEPR is very sad to announce the death of Alberto Giovannini.
Congratulations to Richard Blundell, CEPR fellow in the Labour Economics and Public Economics Programme Areas, who has been elected as a foreign associate of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
Congratulations to Hélène Rey, CEPR Vice-President, who has been awarded foreign honorary member of the American Economic Association
Weekly research highlights from CEPR and VoxEU.org
Laura Hospido, Luc Laeven and Ana Lamo find in this CEPR study that in the ECB women were less likely to be promoted to a higher salary band up until 2010 when a public statement supporting diversity was issued along with several measures to support gender balance.
The €-coin indicator fell for the sixth month in a row (from 0.20 in March to 0.18 in April), returning to the levels of early 2015.
CEPR Discussion Papers 28 April 2019
CEPR Discussion Papers 21 April 2019