New CEPR Discussion Papers for the week ending 27 November 2016

CEPR Discussion Papers 20 November 2016

Professor Luis Garicano has been announced by Ciudadanos’ president Albert Rivera to lead their team in the negotiations of Spain’s state budget.

CEPR President, Richard Baldwin, has published a new book entitled "The Great Convergence: Information Technology and the New Globalization"

CEPR Discussion Papers 13 November 2016

This eBook examines the rise of long-term unemployment in post-recession Europe and examines its causes and the measures taken to address it.

This eBook offers a brief summary of what economists have learnt about migration in several crucial areas of policy making, and identifies most of the important questions that still remain to be answered.

CEPR Discussion Papers 06 November 2016

In October, the €-coin indicator rose to 0.38 (from 0.34 in September), with a strengthening of the growth trend under way since June.

Roel Beetsma, Research Fellow of CEPR's International Macroeconomics and Finance Programme has been appointed as a member of the European Fiscal Board at the European Commission.