The provision of financial services is profoundly changing worldwide – so much so that many commentators are predicting the death of banking as we know it. The 22nd Geneva Report, which is published today, provides an overview of the rapid changes facing the industry and considers what banks must do to maintain their position of influence.

CEPR Discussion Papers 22 September 2019: Twenty-two new Discussion Papers

A new CEPR study by Ben Broadbent Federico DiPace, Thomas Drechsel, Richard Harrison and Silvana Tenreyro shows that many of the effects of the referendum result can be thought of as news about a future slowdown in productivity growth in the tradable sector.

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CEPR Discussion Papers 15 September 2019: Eight new Discussion Papers

Weekly research highlights from CEPR and

A new study by Esther Duflo, Abhijit Banerjee and Daniel Keniston aims to improve our understanding by using data from a randomised controlled experiment on an anti-drink driving campaign in Rajasthan, India. 

CEPR Discussion Papers 08 September 2019: Eleven new Discussion Papers

Weekly research highlights from CEPR and

A new CEPR study by Christian Bommer, Axel Dreher and Marcello Perez-Alvarez investigates whether regional favouritism and domestic political and commercial factors shape humanitarian aid flows.