In June €-coin rose slightly to 0.62, from 0.60 in May, pointing to a continuing robust expansion of activity in the euro area.
Camille Landais is replacing Henrik Kleven as Director of CEPR’s Public Economics Programme.
CEPR, the International Growth Centre (IGC), and the Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries initiative have launched a new website focusing on development economics issues.
CEPR Discussion Papers 25 June 2017
CEPR Discussion Papers 18 June 2017
Professor Silvana Tenreyro will start a three-year term on the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee on 7 July.
CEPR Discussion Papers 11 June 2017
The Presidency of Donald J. Trump has unleashed a barrage of potential changes to US economic policymaking and the economy. This eBook includes 18 chapters by leading economists across a range of areas in domestic and international economic policy. Many chapters are sharply critical of the Trump administration’s new approach.
CEPR Discussion Papers 04 June 2017
In May, the €-coin indicator declined to 0.60 from 0.67 in April, although it is still at a level consistent with strong economic growth in the euro area.