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Peace not Pollution: How Going Green Can Tackle Climate Change and Toxic Politics


Supporting Ukraine: More critical than ever

This eBook is a collection of essays written by prominent scholars, experts, and policymakers, arguing for extraordinary global support for Ukraine. The essays offer diverse perspectives on the implications of the war in Ukraine, highlighting its significance for world peace, nuclear proliferation, international trade, food security, democracy, human values, and more. While Ukraine continues to fight for its freedom and independence against Russian aggression, the authors argue that supporting Ukraine is crucial for preserving hard-fought gains in human rights, prosperity, and security across the world. The eBook provides valuable ammunition for current and future debates on how the global community can help Ukraine withstand this war of aggression, and ultimately, choose a better future for ourselves and future generations.


Nation Building: Big Lessons from Successes and Failures


Scaling Up Sustainable Finance and Investment in the Global South


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Global Economic Consequences of the War in Ukraine: Sanctions, Supply Chains and Sustainability