Discussion paper

DP3108 EuroCOIN: A Real Time Coincident Indicator of the Euro Area Business Cycle

This Paper is the result of the Bank of Italy-CEPR project to construct a monthly coincident indicator of the business cycle of the euro area. The index is estimated on the basis of a harmonized data set of monthly statistics of the euro area (951 series) which we constructed from a variety of sources. We use the information of this large panel to obtain an indicator which has three characteristics: (i) it provides real time information on monthly coincident activity since it is updated as new information become available in a non-synchronous way; (ii) it is cleaned from noise originated from measurement error and idiosyncratic national and sectoral dynamics; (iii) it is cleaned from seasonal and short-run dynamics through a filter that requires very little revision at the end of the sample. Unlike other methods used in the literature, the procedure takes into consideration the cross-country as well as the within-country correlation structure and exploits all information on dynamic cross-correlations. As a by product of our analysis, we provide a characterization of the commonality and dynamic relations of the series in the data set with respect to the coincident indicator and a dating of the euro area cycle.


Lippi, M, L Reichlin, M Hallin, M Forni, F Altissimo, R Cristadoro, G Veronese and A Bassanetti (2001), ‘DP3108 EuroCOIN: A Real Time Coincident Indicator of the Euro Area Business Cycle‘, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 3108. CEPR Press, Paris & London. https://cepr.org/publications/dp3108