Discussion paper

DP5300 Heterogeneity in Consumer Price Stickiness: A Microeconometric Investigation

This paper examines heterogeneity in price stickiness using a large, original, set of individual price data collected at the retail level for the computation of the French CPI. For that purpose, we estimate at a very high level of disaggregation competing-risks duration models that
distinguish between price increases, price decreases and product replacements. The main findings are the following: i) cross-product and cross-outlet-type heterogeneity is pervasive, both in the shape of the hazard function and in the impact of covariates; ii) at the product-outlet type level, the baseline hazard function of a price spell is non-decreasing; iii) there is strong evidence of state dependence, especially for price increases.


Fougère, D, and P Sevestre (eds) (2005), “DP5300 Heterogeneity in Consumer Price Stickiness: A Microeconometric Investigation”, CEPR Press Discussion Paper No. 5300. https://cepr.org/publications/dp5300