Discussion paper

DP68 Procrustean Econometrics: Stretching and Squeezing Data

Recent concern about the inadequacies of econometric models has led not only to the search for causes, but also to the proposal of constructive remedies for these difficulties. In this paper we analyse the links between econometric modelling methodologies and the performance of econometric models. We comment on a number of the constructive modelling strategies that have been proposed, and emphasise the importance of evaluating models, especially by checking whether they are congruent with the available information. This process of model evaluation is destructive rather than constructive, and the criteria it employs form a set of necessary, not sufficient, conditions for model adequacy.


Hendry, D and G Mizon (1985), ‘DP68 Procrustean Econometrics: Stretching and Squeezing Data‘, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 68. CEPR Press, Paris & London. https://cepr.org/publications/dp68