Discussion paper

DP8046 Inflation Targeting and Inflation Persistence in Asia

Following the Asian financial crisis in 1997-98, a number of Asian central banks adopted inflation targeting. We explore how successful this framework has been by looking at the persistence of inflation, as measured by the sum of the coefficients in an autoregressive model for inflation, using a median unbiased estimator and bootstrapped confidence bands. We find a significant reduction in inflation persistence following the adoption of inflation targeting. The speed by which persistence falls varies across countries. Interestingly, the economies not adopting inflation targeting do not show a decline in persistence. Measuring the performance of monetary policy strategies in terms of inflation persistence rather than the level of inflation shows that inflation targeting performs better than alternative strategies.


Gerlach, S and P Tillmann (2010), ‘DP8046 Inflation Targeting and Inflation Persistence in Asia‘, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 8046. CEPR Press, Paris & London. https://cepr.org/publications/dp8046