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Policy Insights

Policy Insight 119: Completing the banking union: Economic requirements and legal conditions

While much more progress has been achieved than most observers could imagine 12 years ago, the banking union remains unfinished with important gaps and deficiencies. The experience over the past years, especially in the area of crisis management and resolution, has provided impetus for reform discussions, as reflected most lately in the Eurogroup statement of 16 June 2022.
This Policy Insight looks primarily at the current and the desired state of the banking union project. The key underlying question, and the focus here, is the level of ambition and how it is matched with effective legal and regulatory tools.

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Weder di Mauro, B, J Zettelmeyer, T Tröger, N Véron, J Pisani-Ferry, F Mayer, P Martin, J Krahnen and T Beck (eds)