Publication Series

Monitoring International Integration

Monitoring International Integration was launched in 2017 as a series of reports on the progress of economic integration, designed to follow in the footsteps of CEPR's Monitoring European Integration series .

These new reports aim to raise the level of public discussion on international policy issues. They combine intellectual rigour with attention to key policy issues, and offer a distinctive and valuable forum for discussions of international economic policy which are both analytically sound and accessible to the public. The timing for the relaunch seemed apposite: Brexit and the widespread rise of anti-European sentiment almost everywhere in Europe suggested that there was room for a serious analysis of how the European Union should move forwards, especially given that in many cases policymakers seem lost and often scared. The first report focusses on why there is such a widespread lack of trust in Europe’s institutions. Traditional parties have been hit hard by the rise in left and rightwing populists promising a shake-up of the status quo. A decline in support for the European Union is just one example of a growing movement towards nationalist ideologies.