Relevant Publications

European Summer Symposium in Economic Theory

A CEPR Symposium, Gerzensee 3/14 July 2000

The Asian Financial Crises: Causes, Consequences and Contagion
Agénor, Pierre-Richard / Miller, Marcus / Vines, David / Weber, Axel A
Published by Cambridge University Press for CEPR and the GEI Programme
This title can be ordered through Cambridge University Press
(November 1999)

An Independent and Accountable IMF. Geneva Reports on the World Economy 1
Eichengreen, Barry J / De Gregorio, José / Ito, Takatoshi / Wyplosz, Charles
(September 1999)

Financial Crises and Asia
Robert Chote (rapporteur)
(March 1998)

Crisis? What Crisis? Orderly Workouts for Sovereign Debtors
Eichengreen, Barry J / Portes, Richard / Mercer, Hugh / Greenwood, Christopher / Felli, Leonardo / Cornelli, Francesca / Franks, Julian R / Vitale, Giovanni
(September 1995)