Generously hosted by
Study Center Gerzensee

Monday 29 June-Friday 10 July 2009

Study Center Gerzensee
Foundation of Swiss National Bank
3115 Gerzensee

At ESSET 2009, there will be two half-day workshops, one each week. The workshops in the first week will be on The Subprime Innovation, the Housing Bust and the Financial Crisis: What Happened? What Next? organized by François Ortalo-Magné and Sven Rady. In the second week the workshops will be on International Conflict, Bargaining, and War organized by Matthew Jackson with help of James Fearon, Massimo Morelli and Debraj Ray.

In addition to the workshops there will be a number of small seminars. Typically, when no workshop is scheduled for the day, a 'compulsory' seminar in the morning and an 'optional' evening seminar will be held. Note that there are no seminars over the middle weekend. This should give participants plenty of spare time to interact and collaborate with one another, and to pursue their own research. Although most invitees have been selected on the basis of his/her interest in or contribution to this year's themes, the smaller seminars need not fall under one of the four headings.