Hosted by
Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) and Institut D'Economie Industrielle (IDEI) at University of Toulouse

Supported by
TSE, IDEI, Ministry of Research and Higher Education, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Institut National de Recherche Agronomique (INRA), Région Midi-Pyrénées and CEPR

Toulouse; 27-29 May 2010






09.00 - 18.00 IO School




08.45 - 9.35 Qualitative Effects of "Cash-for-Clunkers" Programs

*Eugenio Miravete (University of Texas, Austin and CEPR)
Maria, J. Moral (UNED, Madrid)


Discussant: Philip Schmidt-Dengler (LSE)


9.35 - 10.25 Building Reputation for Contract Renewal: Implications for Performance Dynamics and Contract Duration

*Elisabetta Iossa (Brunel University)
Patrick Rey (Toulouse School of Economics and CEPR)


Discussant: Tommaso Valletti (Imperial College, London and CEPR)


10.25 - 10.40 Coffee Break


10.40 - 11.30 Payments and Participation: The Incentives to Join Cooperative Standard Setting Efforts

Anne Layne-Farrar (LECG)
*Gerard Llobet (CEMFI)
Jorge Padilla (LECG and CEPR)


Discussant: Armin Schmutzler (Universität Zurich and CEPR)


11.30 - 12.20 Cartels Uncovered

*Ari Hyytinen (University of Jyväskylä)
Frode Steen (Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration and CEPR)
Otto Toivanen (University of Helsinki and CEPR)


Discussant: Giancarlo Spagnolo (Università di Roma Tor Vergata and CEPR)


12.20 - 14.00 Lunch


14.00 - 14.50 Simulating the Dynamic Effects of Horizontal Mergers: U.S. Airlines

*Lanier Benkard (Yale University)
Aaron Bodoh-Creed (Stanford University)
John Lazarev (Stanford University)


Discussant: Peter Davis (Competition Commission)


14.50 - 15.40 Vertical Integration, Innovation and ForeclosureMarie-Laure Allain (Ecole Polytechnique and CREST)

*Claire Chambolle (INRA and Ecole Polytechnique)
Patrick Rey (Toulouse School of Economics and CEPR)


Discussant: Gary Biglaiser (University of North Carolina)


15.40 - 16.00 Coffee Break


16.00 - 17.00 Keynote Speaker

Roman Inderst (Goethe Universität Frankfurt and CEPR)




08.30 - 9.30 Keynote Speaker

Jonathan Levin (Stanford University)


9.30 - 10.20 Automobile Replacement: a Dynamic Structural Approach

Pasquale Schiraldi (London School of Economics)


Discussant: Johannes Van Biesebroeck (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and CEPR)


10.20 - 10.35 Coffee Break


10.35 - 11.25 The Ecological Effect of "Green Taxation": The Case of the 2008 "Bonus-Malus" in France

*Xavier Boutin (INSEE and MINEFI)
Xavier D'Haultfoeuille (CREST-INSEE)
Pauline Givord (CREST-INSEE)


Discussant: Cristian Huse (Stockholm School of Economics)


11.25 - 12.15 Government policy and the dynamics of market structure: Evidence from Critical Access Hospitals

Gautam Gowrisankaran (University of Arizona, HEC Montreal)
Claudio Lucarelli (Cornell University)
Philipp Schmidt-Dengler (London School of Economics)
*Robert Town (University of Minnesota)


Discussant: Catherine Schaumans (Tilburg University)


12.15 - 13.05 Public Contracting in Delegated Agency Games

*David Martimort (Toulouse School of Economics and CEPR)
Lars Stole (University of Chicago)


Discussant: Yossi Spiegel (Tel Aviv University and CEPR)


13.05 Lunch and Afternoon Free or Social event in Albi


20.00 Dinner in Albi




08.30 - 9.20 Market Regulation and Firm Performance: The Case of Smoking Bans in the UK

Jerome Adda (University College London)
*Venkataraman Bhaskar (University College London and CEPR)
Samuel Berlinski (University College London)
Steve Machin (University College London and CEPR)


Discussant: Bruno Cassiman (IESE Business School and CEPR)


09.20 - 10.10 Push-Me Pull-You: Comparative Advertising in the OTC Analgesics Industry

*Simon Anderson (University of Virginia and CEPR)
Federico Ciliberto (University of Virginia)
Jura Liaukonyte (Cornell University)
Régis Renault (Université de Cergy-Pontoise)


Discussant: Massimo Motta (Universitat Pompeu Fabra and CEPR)


10.10 - 10.30 Coffee Break


10.30 - 11.30 Keynote Speaker
Pinelopi Goldberg (Princeton University)


11.30 - 12.20 The Deep-Pocket Effect of Internal Capital Market

Xavier Boutin (CREST and MINEFI)
Giacinta Cestone (Queen Mary University of London)
*Chiara Fumagalli (Università Bocconi and CEPR)
Giovanni Pica (Università di Salerno and CSEF)
Nicolas Serrano-Velarde (Said Business School, Oxford University)


Discussant: Christopher Wilson (Loughborough University)


12.20 - 14.00 Lunch


14.00 - 14.50 Entry and Competition in Differentiated Products Markets

Catherine Schaumans (Tilburg University)
*Frank Verboven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and CEPR)


Discussant: Michelle Goeree (University of Southern California)


14.50 - 15.40 How Much Do Consumers Know About the Quality of Products? Evidence from the Diaper Market

*Andrew Ching (University of Toronto)
Tülin Erdem (New York University)
Michael Keane (University of Technology Sydney)


Discussant: Kai-Uwe Kühn (University of Michigan and CEPR)


15.40- 16.30 Automobile Engine Variants and Price Discrimination

Oyvind Thomassen (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)


Discussant: Jozsef Molnar (UK Competition Commission)


16.30 End of Conference