European Summer Symposium
in Economic Theory 2010

Generously hosted by
Study Center Gerzensee

05 - 16 July 2010

Study Center Gerzensee
Foundation of Swiss National Bank
3115 Gerzensee

At ESSET 2010, there will be three half-day focus sessions, one in the first week and two in the second. The focus session in the first week will be on "New Directions in the Theory of Choice", organized by Ran Spiegler with invited speakers Mark Dean, Kfir Eliaz, Ariel Rubinstein, and Aldo Rustichini. The focus sessions in the second week will be on "Market and Mechanism Design", organized by Christian Hellwig, Dezsö Szalay and Juuso Välimäki, with speakers Bruno Biais, Yeon-Koo Che, Alessandro Pavan, Yuliy Sannikov, and Aleh Tsyvinski.

The Organizing Committee of ESSET 2010 consists of Ernst Baltensperger, Leonardo Felli (chair), Christian Hellwig (co-ordinator second week), Matthew O. Jackson, Margaret Meyer, Andrea Prat, Sven Rady, Patrick Rey, Ran Spiegler (co-ordinator first week), Dezsö Szalay (co-ordinator second week), Juuso Välimäki, Timothy Van Zandt, Xavier Vives and Lucy White.

In addition to the focus sessions there will be a number of small seminars. Typically, when no focus session is scheduled for the day, a 'compulsory' seminar in the morning and an 'optional' evening seminar will be held. Note that there are no seminars over the middle weekend. This should give participants plenty of spare time to interact and collaborate with one another, and to pursue their own research. Although most invitees have been selected on the basis of his/her interest in or contribution to this year's themes, the smaller seminars need not fall under one of these headings.