Thirteenth CEPR/JIE Conference
Ninth School on Applied Industrial Organization

Hosted by
The University of Cyprus
Supported by
University of Cyprus
Journal of Industrial Economics (JIE)

Cyprus: 23-26 May 2012

The following papers will be presented at this school. Please see the Programme for further details.

Conduct Estimation via Ownership Change
Christian Michel (Universität Mannheim)

Creative Destruction Among Grocery Stores
Nan Yang (Tilburg University)

Crowding and Consumer Welfare in the Swedish Light Lager Market
André Romahn (Stockholm School of Economics)

Do Firms Sell Forward for Strategic Reasons? An Application to the Wholesale Market for Natural Gas
Jose Moraga-Gonzalez (University of Amsterdam) *Remco van Eijkel (University of Groningen)

Equilibrium Long-Tailed Sales in a Search Model
Sagit Bar-Gill (Tel Aviv University)

Information Disclosure in Dynamic Buyer-Determined Procurement Auctions: An Empirical Study
*Sebastian Stoll (University of Munich) Gregor Zöttl (University of Munich)

Matching & Information Provision by One-Sided and Two-Sided Platforms
Carlos Ivan Cañon (Toulouse School of Economics)