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Introducing a free database of nearly all jobs for PhD economists

To help grow the next generation of economists, VoxEU.org has teamed with walras.org to form the world’s largest database of job openings for PhD economists. In addition to this comprehensive database of nearly all job openings for PhDs in economics and related fields, our partner walras.org also offers a free online application system allowing the exchange of all application documents and reference letters.

The power of internet networking rolls on. VoxEU.org gets something like 25,000 individual visitors each day, most of whom are trained economists; there have been visits from 4.7 million distinct IP addresses since the site was launched in June 2007. This makes Vox a natural place to hire economists – a thought that occurred to Raphael Auer (founder of the largest worldwide job economists’ job search web site, walras.org).

Starting from today, walras.org and VoxEU.org have joined forces to form the largest global database of job openings for PhD economists. Any job posted on walras.org is automatically also posted on VoxEU’s new job market database, which can be accessed by clicking here.

You can also access the Jobs section directly using the new Jobs tab in the main navigation or by linking to www.voxeu.org/jobs/

Posting jobs on walras.org and VoxEU.org is free

Users can also use the online application system on walras.org free of charge, which allows the exchange of all application documents and reference letters. Note that walras.org is not affiliated with either VoxEU.org or CEPR; this is a Web 2.0 cooperation with each side benefitting from network spillovers.

A job opening database and online application system

The goal of walras.org is to facilitate the recruiting process for all parties – specifically students and other job-demanders, university and other job-suppliers, and reference letter writers who are so critical in mitigating information asymmetries.

As a candidate you can:

  • Search the comprehensive database for job openings in economics and related fields that contains about 3000 job openings for PhDs each year.
  • Apply online or download the necessary application information to automate the creation of cover letters and address labels
  • Create a profile to be searched and contacted by recruiters

Register here as a candidate on walras.org

As a recruiter you can:

  • Create job postings and post them on walras.org, VoxEU.org, and other partner sites for free. You have the possibility to feature your postings for a small fee.
  • Receive online applications, including reference letters
  • Manage and evaluate applications online (with the ability to grant several members of your recruiting committee access to the site to enter their evaluations)
  • Search for suitable job candidates among more than 2,500 registered PhD candidates

Register here as a recruiter on walras.org

As a reference you can:

  • Upload and manage recommendation letters for each of your candidates
  • Submit recommendation letters directly to recruiters via the online system

Register here as a reference on walras.org

All functionalities for candidates and references are free. For recruiters all functionalities except featuring a job posting are free.

How to post jobs

In order to post a job you need to sign up as a recruiter on walras.org.

Once you sign up, we verify your information, which takes between 24-48 hours; you can then post your job opening(s) for free. When you post your job on walras.org, your job will automatically be posted on VoxEU.org as well.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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