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Macron’s economic advisors on VoxEU

The leading candidate in the French presidential election is advised by two frequent contributors to – Jean Pisani-Ferry and Philippe Martin. This column presents a selection of their writings that help show their thinking on some of the most important topics facing France and Europe today.

As might be expected of leading economists interested in European policy matters, both Jean Pisani-Ferry and Philippe Martin have written on VoxEU about the Eurozone’s troubles and growth. We start with the Eurozone.

Eurozone contributions

Jean Pisani-Ferry, one of Emmanuel Macron’s key economic advisors, wrote about “How to fix the Eurozone” in chapters in two eBooks, one published in 2016 and another in 2010:

He expanded his analysis in a Vox column last year:

As is true with many European economists, the basic analysis hasn’t changed much; the problems have been in evidence since the very founding of the single currency. Here is an example of his analysis from 2010:

Philippe Martin contributed a column on the causes of the Eurozone Crisis and one on ECB monetary policy (both in 2014):

How to fix Europe’s growth problems

When it come growth, both economists have made contributions that show how they are likely to think about growth when advising Emmanuel Macron (should he become president).

Philippe Martin's contribution was to:

Jean Pisani-Ferry's contribution was a Vox column in 2014:

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