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Welcome to Vox.LACEA: Raising the bar of economic policy discussions in Latin America and the Caribbean

VoxEU welcomes the latest member of the Vox consortium – Vox.LACEA – that provides policy relevant research and commentary on Latin America and the Caribbean. Launched in January, it hopes to become a major resource for economists, policymakers, and journalists with an interest in the economies of the region.

When Vox was set up in June 2007, we were helped by the Italian language site LaVoce.info. Since then, we have helped a number of Vox-like sites in various languages (full list can be found here). Today we welcome a Spanish-language site that aims at raising the level of economic policy debate concerning Latin American nations:

The new portal is designed and supported by the Latin American and Caribbean Economics Association (LACEA).

With this initiative, supported financially by the Global Development Network’s Policy Outreach Program, LACEA brings together the expertise of leading economists working on issues that are relevant for the development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Vox.LACEA is edited by Mauricio Cárdenas (Brookings Institution), Nora Lustig (Tulane University, CGD) and Ugo Panizza (UNCTAD, HEID) and has already posted contributions by distinguished economists on topics that include:

  • The effectiveness of capital controls

  • Causes of declining inequality in Latin America

  • The development impact of the war on drugs

  • The economic toll of Haiti's earthquake

  • The analysis of social protection policies in Latin America

  • The relationship between ideology and the rejection of neoliberal reforms

  • The impact of campaign expenditure on electoral outcomes

Readers can register to join debates and discussion forums (discussion forums on The Role of Capital Controls and Declining Inequality are currently open for participation), and remain up to date on the latest news and publications by following Vox.LACEA on Facebook and Twitter.

Vox.LACEA welcomes all views and contributions as long as they are based on sound research and economic reasoning. While the standard language of the site is English, Vox.LACEA welcomes translations in Spanish and Portuguese. 

Team Vox welcomes Vox.LACEA to the Vox Consortium and wishes its contributors and editors the best as they develop the portal into a major hub for economic research and analysis.

Visit the site here.

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