Henry Mooney

Economics Advisor at Inter-american Development Bank

Henry Mooney serves as Economics Advisor with The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). He previously worked with investment bank Morgan Stanley in London, The International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Bank, including on dozens of advanced and emerging market economies in Africa, Asia, Europe, Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Henry's responsibilities have included leading regional economic research and publications, serving as mission chief/team leader or team member for technical assistance focused on sovereign debt issuance, debt restructuring, market development, and public financial management diagnostics and reform, as well as producing forecasts in the context of adjustment programs and surveillance. He has also worked extensively on issues related to monetary policy, financial stability, regulation and supervision, financial access and inclusion, and his research has been published in a number of books, journals and in the media (e.g., The Economist, The New York Times, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, and many others). Henry currently serves as a member of The Atlantic Council's Financial Inclusion Task Force, Jamaica's Economic Policy Committee, as well as The IDB's Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group and the Board of The IDB’s Afro-Descendant Alliance. He is a dual Brazilian and Canadian citizen, who completed his studies in economics and finance at Concordia University (BA), The London School of Economics (MSc), The University of London (PhD), and Harvard University (MPA).