CEPR Women in Economics Initiative

CEPR is formalising its efforts to improve female representation in the economic profession with the creation of the CEPR Women in Economics Initiative. Led by CEPR’s Vice-President, Hélène Rey, this initiative aims to redress gender imbalances in the economic profession, partnering with CEPR member organisations to promote women within the field.

This page collates the various projects CEPR is involved with, or external initiatives that have been endorsed by CEPR, and provides a single platform through which the myriad of high quality output and initiatives can be accessed. If you are interested in partnering with CEPR on a related project, or for any further information on CEPR Women in Economics, please get in touch with Petra Buresova, Development Officer at CEPR [email protected]

Hélène Rey

Vice President, Special Projects Centre for Economic Policy Research; Lord Bagri Professor of Economics London Business School

Fellow, International Macroeconomics and Finance / RPN Member, European Economic Architecture / Fellow, Asset Pricing / Fellow, Banking and Corporate Finance / CEPR Vice President

Other news & initiatives

Project Syndicate: What Economics is Missing

Virtual event, 22 March 2023, 3pm CET

While economic research and policymaking play an increasingly central role in our contemporary, globalized world, the economics discipline has been slow to reach gender parity, leading to blind spots and poorer decision-making across a wide range of issues. With global instability on the rise, empowering women to contribute fully to our understanding of our public problems and their solutions has become an urgent priority. 

What Economics Is Missing marks the launch of the IEA’s Women in Leadership in Economics Initiative (IEA-WE), of which PS is a proud media partner.

For further information and to register visit this link.

Applications for the 12th Oxford Workshop on Global Priorities Research have recently opened. The workshop will be hosted by GPI in Oxford on 19-20 June 2023, featuring a target of about three dozen presentations by GPI staff and external researchers, and about 150 attendees. The workshop will be a forum for GPI researchers and academics who are interested in global priorities research to present and discuss ideas at various stages of progress, from early stage ideas to finished research papers. Most of the presentations will discuss research in philosophy or economics.

For more details, visit the website.



Goethe University, Frankfurt

This project originated from the Women in Economics - WinE Committee - (WinE) of the European Economic Association (EEA), in accordance with its objective to collect data on the status of women in the economics profession in Europe. The data collection was taken further, with financial support from EEA, by WinE Committee member, Guido Friebel, Goethe University Frankfurt, and Sascha Wilhelm, Goethe University Frankfurt. To increase the transparency about the quantitative representation of female researchers in European Economics, Friebel and Wilhelm gathered information from all institutions known to them. They have developed an algorithm that repeatedly collects the data that are publicly available on the institutions' websites.

A Real-Time Monitoring Tool

Between 2019 - 2022, CEPR worked in partnership with UBS to celebrate contributions of women in economics, with a series of portraits and video interviews. This programme shone a light on quality research and policymaking from female leaders in their field. Women in Economics featured videos of prominent researchers discussing their work and insights. The content was designed to appeal to non-expert audiences, as well as those with a deeper understanding of economics. 

For your information: The Women in Economics partnership and co-operation between UBS and CEPR formally ended in June 2022. However, some of the mutually featured materials may be used beyond this date.

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Participants of the 2nd WE_ARE_IN Macroeconomics and Finance conference

*Beatrice Weder di Mauro (President, CEPR) and the attendees of the 2nd WE_ARE_IN Macroeconomics and Finance conference which took place on 29-30 September 2022 in Basel, Switzerland.

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