In the UK CEPR is both a Registered Charity and a Public (Limited) Company, so has both (Charity) Trustees and (Company) Directors. In France it is an Association.

The Centre for Economic Policy Research is a registered UK charity (No. 287287) and is also a company registered in England (No. 1727026) and limited by guarantee. The activities of the Charity are governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association and the Trustees of the Charity are elected by the Members of the limited company.  

Although one of CEPR’s aims is to foster research on policy issues, we take no institutional policy positions nor support particular political parties. CEPR research may include views on policy, but neither the Trustees of the UK Charity nor of the Association give prior review to its publications, and the opinions expressed in published research are those of the authors and not of CEPR.  

In November 2019 CEPR initiated the creation of an Association under French law, in order to provide a vehicle for an expansion in France. The pandemic slowed the development of our French expansion, but the plans finally came to fruition in summer 2021 and a consortium agreement with various partners was signed in September 2021. The agreement confirms a major expansion in, and eventual relocation of our headquarters to, Paris. The members of the Conseil d'Administration of the Association are identical to the UK Board of Trustees.

Our Trustees / Members of the Conseil d'Administration of the Association

Charles Bean

Professor of Economics and Co-director, Executive Masters in Public Administration/Policy London School Of Economics And Political Science

Patrick Honohan

Nonresident Senior Fellow Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE); Honorary Professor Trinity College Dublin

Anthony Venables

Research Director The Productivity Institute; Professor of Economics University Of Manchester

Andrew Woosey

Non-Executive Director & Audit Committee Chair United Trust Bank Limited

CEPR Paris Founding Partners

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