Research Network on Global Value Chains, Trade and Development

The production of most goods is  increasingly  organized  along  global  value  chains,  in  which  different stages  of  the  production  process  are  fragmented  across  countries. CEPR has established the Research Network on Global Value Chains, Trade and Development, with the goal of stimulating research on the important and timely questions raised be the emergence of global value chains. This research network, led by Paola Conconi (ULB and CEPR) will gather together economists working on international production from theoretical, empirical and policy angles. 

CEPR is collaborating closely on this initiative with the World Bank, which has also identified as a key priority to help developing countries to connect to, and develop through global value chains. CEPR and the World Bank have joined forces to foster debate and collaborations in this area among researchers in both academic and policy institutions. The World Bank's GVC page can be found here.

Europe is an optimal ground for this network, given that many scholars working in this area are based in Europe and that some of the most important datasets on GVCs are developed and maintained here.

The core supporters of the network are the World Bank, CEPR, the Graduate Institute’s Centre for Trade and Economic Integration (CTEI) and other government agencies. The network meets twice a year for research and policy outreach seminars and liaises with the Trade Policy Research Network when suitable.

Conferences and Workshops